Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find information relating to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding renting a vehicle with Salahcars. Selecting a heading will allow you to view a list of questions and answers relevant to that topic. If you’re unable to find a response to your question on this page, you may feel free to contact us at our number at +212621181296
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  • First of all, you should know that the legal age in Morocco is 21 to be able to obtain a driving license.
  • The renter must have a valid and original driver’s license.
  • The driver registered on the car rental contract will be solely responsible for the vehicle, all persons not declared on the car rental contract will not be supported when driving the vehicle and therefore subject to the legislation in force in the country. country (risk of legal proceedings).
  • Our objective is to simplify access to our vehicles, we remain attentive to all your requests and we assure you of very rapid reactivity.
  • The following is very simple from even where you obtain the driving license, you meet the conditions and therefore the possibility of renting a vehicle.
  • You will need to have a bank card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) or cash, whether in local or international currency, which will be used for payment or even for the deposit for the vehicle, which will be assessed according to the category of car that will be rented to you.
  • Our agents will be at your disposal everywhere in Morocco, our main partner city like.
  • The deposit will be returned to you when the rental car is returned.
  • We offer all-risk insurance which is however an insurance included in the car rental in Morocco.
  • The insurance covers you for all damage and collisions, glass breakage.
  • Our car rental agency is still subject to some restriction, such as if you are at fault in a collision, the insurance requires a 5% deductible which will be charged to you.
  • Our rental agency reserves the right in the event of serious accidents to ask the lessee of the vehicle to pay for the immobilization of the car during the work on the said vehicle.
  • Marrakesh
  • Rabat
  • agadir
  • Tangier
  • casablanca
  • Essaouira
  • The deposit is used in the event of an unforeseen surplus of the car rental over the duration, or even if there is damage observed on the car for which you are responsible.
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